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Entry #9


2008-05-26 11:52:39 by giantpanda 99/giantpanda1/
The Naruto one at the end, was drawn by me, Hooray!!!


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2008-05-26 12:06:40

Do not read this. My name is James Talop. I am not a person. I am actually a mosquito. Now that you have read this, there's no turning back, so might as well just continue reading.
I was abandoned from my family in 1999. I almost died of hunger. My mother did not teach me how to get blood, so i had to figure it out myself. I discovered this thing called a knife, and figured out that it could cut things. Now, that you have gone this far, you have 67 minutes to copy this letter and send it to 15 people you know. If you don't, then I will come over to your house tonight with my knife, hide under your bed until midnight, and drink all your blood, taking the life out of you. If you do send this to 15 people, then you will have a great life with a great fortune, but you will die from lack of blood, because I'm coming to your house two years after today. If I were you, I'd just copy and send this letter, so you'd have two more years to live. Good luck!

giantpanda responds:

Really, thats cool.


2008-06-01 13:00:37

the great panda

giantpanda responds:

I agree whole-heartedley


2008-06-22 13:47:59

Like it. And you can have friends, just stretch out and get some.

giantpanda responds:

That unpossible, friends are imaginary!


2008-06-26 22:15:17

Am I the only one who find's that picture funny? GOOD WORK FINE SIR!